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With over 40 years’ experience in public safety communications, PlantCML proudly continues to offer solutions and services designed to streamline communications, expedite response and ultimately, save lives. From CTI-based call processing platforms to emergency notification technology to P25 digital trunked radio, we can help you manage virtually every aspect of your public safety operation. Read on to learn why thousands of public safety answering points (PSAPs), emergency management agencies, fire/EMS and police departments place their trust in PlantCML and our full-circle security and communications portfolio every day.

Call Processing

Two-thirds of all 9-1-1 centers in North America depend on our highly intuitive and fully integrated call-processing solutions every day. Our industry renowned VESTA and Sentinel workstations provide call takers full, on-screen control of both wireline and wireless calls, facilitating fast and efficient emergency response. Both applications include a number of standard and advanced PBX features, offer a full range of ACD, ANI/ALI, IP-connectivity and VoIP capabilities, and deliver fault-tolerant redundancy. No matter the number of positions or volume of calls, every mission-critical call center can benefit from the command and control provided by our next-generation call processing solutions.

Notification Solutions & Services

Proactive communication is key to securing public safety in times of crisis. Our industry-renowned on-site, hosted and hybrid applications are proven effective for mobilizing personnel and alerting communities-at-risk, providing you 24/7 communications readiness in any contingency. Our industry-renowned on-site, hosted or hybrid applications are proven effective for mobilizing personnel and alerting communities-at-risk, providing you 24/7 communications readiness in any contingency.

CAD & Mapping

In the mission-critical environment, the ability to share information and coordinate resources is vital. By adding our incident and records management solutions to VESTA or Sentinel workstations, call centers can expedite emergency response and improve operational efficiencies. These fully integrated applications include CAD, police records management and field reporting, representing some of the most sophisticated, reliable and widely used technologies in public safety.

Data Managment & Analytics

Managing call center data is a necessary but sometimes overwhelming task, especially when call volumes are high and resources are limited. We offer a full range of solutions designed for the tracking and reporting of call, call taker and call center data, as well as real-time monitoring and ANI storage. Widely used throughout the industry, these comprehensive MIS offerings are highly beneficial, cost-effective additions to any call center.

Information Management

As a mission-critical call center administrator, it is imperative that call data is monitored and managed. Available on a 24-hour basis, our information management resources provide a simple online user interface, which provides reports as needed. The reporting capabilities and consolidation, coupled with cost reduction, allows call centers to provide timely and simplified decisions for regular and crisis management.

Interactive Voice Response

Addressing the day-to-day needs of callers is an important, but time-consuming task for your operation. Interactive voice response (IVR) technology automates these inquiries, giving people touch-tone access to general information, such as department locations, or providing them services like payment processing. Affordable and customizable, our IVR solutions are easy to implement and even easier to maintain.

Managed Services

When it comes to 9-1-1, no call for help can go unanswered. For this reason, we work around the clock to ensure the integrity and reliability of its solutions. By taking part in the company’s Managed Services, customers gain direct and secure connectivity with our Service Management Center (SMC). From here, a team of IT experts observes all systems in real-time, immediately addressing issues when, and if, they arise.


Our advanced networking solutions help communities to build, operate and optimize 9-1-1 systems at the county, state and regional levels.

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