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We offer intuitive call processing solutions that facilitate the call taking and dispatch processes for faster, more efficient response results. VESTA® and Sentinel® workstations are the industry’s leading Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions, with intelligent and easy-to-use features. Enhanced call visualization capabilities are enabled by the adaptable and intuitive ORION™ family of mapping displays.

VESTA Systems

VESTA Pallas

A flexible, feature-rich CTI solution that combines KSU/PBX capabilities, VoIP gateway functions, QoS data routing and MIS features into a single, consolidated workstation.


A PBX-based CTI solution for advanced emergency call centers that require ACD, enhanced administrative functionality and integrated digital voice/data communications combining VESTA, with Nortel's Communication Server 1000.


An intelligent telephone console designed to provide additional functionality to the Nortel MBS. Its supported line-type is the Nortel proprietary MDC combined with the ACD call center option. MDC lines carry analog voice simultaneously with data over voice.


A technologically advanced, fully integrated call processing solution ideal for CO-based, campus-style call centers. It is a CTI application working in conjunction with Nortel Networks SL-100 telecommunications switching system.

Sentinel Systems

Sentinel Patriot

An IP solution for flexible call handling and maximum redundancy as a robust, standards-based software solution. It offers a full suite of computer telephony features, including ACD and ANI/ALI.

Sentinel ECS-1000 Controller

Serves call centers with reliable ANI/ALI control and integrated ACD. It can operate as a standalone controller, or in dual mode with integrated selective routing, for a versatile, networked solution connecting remote call centers serving multiple jurisdictions.

Sentinel Rescue-STAR

To guarantee systems are always operational, it provides a versatile, cost-effective gateway solution designed to maintain communications. It performs all switching functions for voice and data communications and controls all resources to which the system is connected.

Sentinel CM

Provides users with the popular Sentinel User Interface and manages voice communications on an Avaya CM PBX using Avaya CTI technology. This solution provides a rich ACD environment with high availability and scalability, audio and visual alerts, and easy-to-follow-presentation of critical data, expediting a call taker’s response to the situation-at-hand.

Sentinel CommandPost

Provides cost-effective backup with complete Sentinel 9-1-1 call handling in temporary locations outside mission-critical call centers. It offers a full-featured console solution consolidating telephone, radio, CAD, digital logging, MIS, GIS and multiple third-party applications.

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