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Rotating Sirens

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Provide clear and powerful warning utilizing an oscillating directional speaker at distances approaching and exceeding one mile. Whelen’s VORTEX™ and WPS-4000 Series design features a vertical stack of high-gain radial horns that enter into a single projector, providing a controlled sound column of unequalled power and clarity. The economical HORNET™ utilizes a single directional speaker design. All speakers oscillate throughout 360°, permitting a hard- wired connection between the system’s speaker drivers and power amplifiers, avoiding the destructive effects of brush ring commutator connections found on rotating sirens. All models include a complete speaker and rotor assembly with 50 feet of speaker and rotor cable and an electronics assembly contained within a natural finish aluminum cabinet. Standard warning tones provided are designed to operate in the highly effective, low frequency range for the most efficient and powerful warning at distances from the system.

WPS-4000 Series

The battery operated WPS4000 Series siren system consists of a speaker assembly, a pole top mounting bracket and electronics cabinet. Voice capable and designed for mass notification.

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VORTEX-R™ Series

The battery operated VORTEX-R™ Series siren system consists of a speaker assembly and electronics cabinet. The VORTEX-R™ includes many of the same features as the WPS4000 Series, but at a lower cost.

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The battery operated HORNET ™ is an economical choice ideal for smaller applications.

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Tower Services
We offer tower services which include site management, erection services, maintenance/inspection and engineering services.

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The next-generation professional two-way radio has arrived with the MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System, which boasts better performance, productivity and value.

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Premier Service Partner

The Motorola Premier Service Partner (PSP) is the highest level of service relationship. It represents the greatest level of Motorola/Servicer agreement and interdependence.

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